Decorating Your Home With the Power of Lighting

Illumination is one way for designers to improve the aesthetic and feel of your home. Have you ever wondered why minimalist architecture is becoming trendy? It is not about the furnishing but rather about the proper lighting as well.

By putting up an effective lighting design in an area, you will find it easy to improve the ambiance of your place. Although you may maximize the use of natural light, you also have to take note of proper lighting at night.

It does not have to be costly when you can select fixtures that promote a reduction in electricity bills.

To give you a good start, here are ways of decorating your home with appropriate lighting:

Know the Difference of Decorative Lighting

Decorating Your Home With the Power of Lighting

If your purpose is to decorate your home with lighting, it has always been necessary to concentrate on wall lamps and decorative sconces. These are the fixtures that will provide indirect light. The lights do not generate much distraction or outperform task lights.

Apart from decorative fixtures, you also have accent lights. From the name itself, you can use these to highlight decors, textures, and sculptures.

Task lighting fixtures can serve as a decorative furnishing, but they are meant to produce light on a certain area alone. Normally, you will find it over a desk or countertop.

Light Up the Commonly Neglected Areas

Decorating Your Home With the Power of Lighting

If you light up the spaces or areas that are not properly supplied with illumination, you will definitely bring out the beauty in your home. Among these locations are cupboards, closets, and countertops in your kitchen.

These areas become more useful if they are properly lit. They somehow transform into decors and become more important elements of your abode with the help of lights.

Scales Have Always Been Important

Decorating Your Home With the Power of Lighting

When you are working on a focal point in an area, you should not limit yourself to using lamps. There are more means of giving a room life, such as by using pendant light fixtures. You do not have to worry about the distribution of light in this matter.

There are considerably large lanterns and big floor lamps that will be sufficient for your required room lighting. This will not only help you illuminate hard-to-reach spaces but will also give a little going-over-the-board feel in your home.

Selecting the Right Light Shade Matters

You have to select the right color of lighting in order to put life in your place. Simply remember that you will achieve a colder tone if you utilize white shades. However, white lighting fixtures are capable of giving extra emission of brightness.

Alternatively, if you will use colored shades, you will make your area cooler, creamier, or more relaxing in a way.

Lighting your home is not all about adding brightness to the dark corners of the room. It is also about creating an ambiance. Although it is cheap to maximize natural light, remember that you can play with artificial lights better.

There is a difference when you can select the shade, direction, and brightness level of lighting fixtures. You get more control in order to achieve the home design you want to have.

All About LED Office Lighting

A few of the energy bulbs in the left wing of your office have popped their clogs and are no longer useful. You may think that among the sea of bulbs, a few dead bulbs would not leave a significant impact. However, it is the poor employee sitting under one of the dead bulbs who bears the brunt of the dim effects. Replacing one bulb at a time is also a pain in the neck. Not to mention, it is time-consuming, disturbs the office hours if the electrician is available only during that period, and adds to the overall bill.

More often than not, employees feel their concentration sizzling into an all-time low. Some even feel their energies shooting down as little light indicates comfortable hours of relaxation. Others have to strain their eyes to focus on their work. Not only you, but your employees also feel the effects of this almost daily drill. 

One way to break through this regular practice is to use LED lights in the office. It is an efficient and effective means of lighting the office that promotes a refreshing atmosphere. LED lighting not only provides consistent light that encourages a positive and alert work environment, but they also provide support for a long time as these lights have a long lifespan. Another treat from the bag of LED lights is that they let you save money and energy.

The Meaning of LED Lights

It is first essential to understand and remove any misunderstanding regarding the meaning of LED lights. Without further ado, here is the definition of LED lights. LED stand for light emitting diode. It is the latest energy-efficient technology that employs semiconductor devices to convert electricity into light. LEDs use about 85% less energy than other forms of light bulbs.

The Edge of LED Lights Over Traditional Bulbs

There is a lot of difference between LED lighting system and traditional light bulbs such as halogen and incandescent lighting.

Firstly, they differ in the way the light is produced. Incandescent bulbs pass light over a thin filament wire, whereas an LED produces light by employing a semiconductor. The semiconductor emits light when electricity passes through it. On the flip side, regular energy-saving bulbs pass light through mercury vapor in order to produce light. The vapor is then absorbed by a coat of phosphor inside the lamp that causes the glow.

All these bulbs have a different lifespan as well. LED lights have an estimated life of 25,000-50,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs brighten up for an average of 1000 hours, and halogen lights live for 1000-5000 hours. The estimated figures show that LED lights have a much longer lifespan than all other sources of lighting.

They differ in energy efficiency. Since the lifespan of halogen and incandescent bulbs is significantly lower than the LED lights, they save less money, as constant replacements are required. LED lights have an advantage in energy efficiency too as they feed on about 85% less energy as other sources of light. It is, therefore, safe to say that LED lights are super energy-savers and are significant assets in cutting down power bills.

Lastly, LED lights instantly switch off when you flick the light as compared to other bulbs that leave a dim glow in their wake. This saves you from any trouble of waiting.

Benefits of LED Office Lighting

The advantages of using LED lighting in the office can be explained under broad categories. These are mentioned below:

Advantages for Employees

While there is a lot of hype about the environmental and monetary benefits of the usage of LED lights, there are a lot more bright positives for the employee as well.

Reduces Strain and Stress

Various reports have shown the positive effects of light and its influence on the work performance, energy, mood, alertness and vigilance of office staff. A survey conducted by Kensington Technology Group marked eyestrain as the chief reason behind physical stress in the office. LEDs provide consistent bright light that reduces eyestrain. Therefore, it also reduces stress and anxiety.

Increase in Productivity

68% of people in the workplace are concerned about the lighting system according to the findings of a study conducted by the American Society of Interior Designer. Also, a study made at the Cornell University revealed that productivity declined by 2% every year due to poor lighting. The same survey also showed that the productivity of an employee has the potential to rise by 3% to 5% by using LED office lighting.

Reduces Headaches and Migraines

Proper illumination is a need of the hour. This is where LED lighting boosts its advantages. LED lights emit light in a single, particular direction that cuts the need of using diffusers and reflectors that lower light. LEDs also do not flicker; it is a constant source of light. This is good news for all those employees who face constant headaches or migraines.

Promotes a Healthy and Balanced Circadian Cycle

LED lights also help improve the circadian rhythm. Recent work in LED technology has allowed it to copy natural light, and research reveals that adequate exposure to natural light promotes a regular rhythm of the circadian cycle. By mimicking natural lights, LED lights seem to do a favor to the circadian rhythm.

Use of Green Technology

Mother Nature has done us many favors, and we have only returned a terrible thanks. Ozone depletion, carbon dioxide emissions, and pollutions of all kinds are some of the ways we have damaged the environment.

The use of LED lights helps us return favors on a positive note to our planet. By employing LED lights, we reduce carbon emission in the atmosphere. LED lights are green technology which is beneficial for the planet and, in the long run, for the future. Additionally, it is good for the image of the company.

Economic Benefits

LED light fixtures are the epitome of long lifespans. Recent developments have extended the lifetime of these lights to a minimum of 50,000 hours. Some fixtures also come with a lifespan of 100,000 hours or 150,000 plus hours.

The maintenance cost also jumps to a low as replacing LED lights isn’t a regular activity. With a life of 20 years and higher resistance to vibrations and shocks, LED lights are more durable than other forms of lighting. Hence, LED lights are an effortless way of keeping your offices bright all day long without any fuses while saving your time and money as well as the atmosphere.

Design Flexibility

LED lights can be molded into any shape to provide efficient illumination. Individual LEDs can also be dimmed so that you can easily control light and its distribution. This can provide great lighting effects that are suitable and beneficial not only for the eye but also for one’s mind.

The design is also flexible in the sense that LED lights can be used anywhere and in different kinds of workplaces.

Use of LED Lights in the Office

Ranging from LED tube lights to LED light panels, emergency bulbs and GU10 bulbs for lamps, there are a lot of options to choose from. Selecting the right source of lighting is essential and must be done wisely to suit your budget and workplace requirements.

Uses of LED lights in the office are innumerable. They can be utilized for lighting the office ceiling or in desktop lamps. Since they are cost-efficient, durable and flexible, LED lights can be employed anywhere in the workplace and for all kinds of purposes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing LED Lights for the Office

Here is a quick list of things that need to be taken into consideration before getting LED lights for your office:

The Aim of the Project

Whether setting up a new office or replacing the lighting system of an existing one, it is essential to keep in mind the purpose of illumination. The lighting may be for a school, office, or bank. Each of these workplaces demands a different source of light. Therefore, it is important to consider the amount of light that would be needed in the workplace.

In case you’re replacing old bulbs, you need to know that there are two main types of light bulb bases: a pin base and a screw base. Choose the shape of the light bulb according to the shape of the fixture so that it fits in it.

Work Involved

Another thing to consider is the type and workload involved. If the employees are using computers throughout the day, then intense brightness is not required. Bright levels of light will make it difficult for them to see on the screens.

Also, whatever the task the employees are doing, they would always need some uplight. Uplight is a form of indirect illumination that not only eliminates glare but also promotes uniformity by balancing the contrast between the light source and surrounding area. It also minimizes shadows.

However, an excess of uplight is not desirable, as it will result in an effect like a faint light called the cloudy day effect. Therefore, downlight must also be provided. This can be achieved by perforated holes or by lenses in the base of the lighting fixture that will give a bright atmosphere.

Color Rendering

Color rendering scales how an object appears to the human eye by a light source (you can read about it more here) . The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a scale of 0 to 100 percent that indicates how accurate a given light is showing the actual color to the human eye.

The higher the CRI, the more vibrant or closer to the natural color objects appear to the eye. A light source of 100 CRI has the ability to show the same view of an object as in daylight. CRI of 85 to 90 is considered adequate for most workplaces. However, if the work in the office demands color distinction with the utmost accuracy (for example, if your office works with design), then a CRI of 100 is a must.

Space Versatility

An office that is located in a school today may be used for some other purpose tomorrow. While installing lighting system, keep in mind flexibility of the design so that the room may be able to accommodate any changes in the future.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). This describes how a light appears when a human eye directly sees the bulb. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • 2700K emits a yellowish white light that creates a personal, warm and cozy mood. It is suitable for commercial hospitality.
  • 3000K gives less yellow and a soft white light. It creates a calm and warm atmosphere which is also suitable for commercial hospitality.
  • 3500K gives a cool, bright white light that is best for commercial lighting as it creates a friendly aura.
  • 4100K gives off a cool, bright white light. A clean and efficient atmosphere prevails in the presence of this color temperature light, which is good for commercial purposes.
  • 5000K is daylight or natural light that is suitable for industrial and business use as it gives a daylight effect.
  • 6500K emits the bluish white source of light that promotes an alert day aura. It is best for industrial institutions.

It is important to know that as the scale of temperature rises, the light gets brighter, leaving behind the yellow effect and going towards fresh white. Keep in mind the office requirements and select the light temperature that is needed.

In a nutshell, here are all the points that need to be taken seriously when choosing LED lighting for your office:

  • Sufficient light depending on the work being done in the workplace
  • Should be flicker-free and glare-free
  • If there are more visual tasks, the light should provide appropriate brightness
  • The lights give off a pleasant white color for maximizing productivity
  • No shadows or distracting reflections
  • The light intensity should be individually adjustable
  • Balance of direct and indirect lighting
  • The need for any maximization of light can be met with the aid of lamps


The bottom line is that LED lights are environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. They are also healthy for the employees, which translates to an active and conducive work environment and increased productivity. LED lights should be carefully chosen depending on the need and the type and amount of work being conducted at any particular office. They can be effortlessly used in lamps, ceilings, and emergency lights and for illuminating all sorts of areas due to their flexible and durable design.

12 Cool New Lighting Ideas For Your Home

The easiest and many economical way to update your kitchen is to use new lighting and the most popular kitchen lights is definitely an island light. Kitchen island lighting are available in different variations and colours. Lighting is amongst the essential features that will be taken notice of. Kitchen is the place in places you cook and do other activities at the same time. Having a dim kitchen, it adds a gloomy effect which could modify the mood within your kitchen. To restore look inviting and lively, Island lighting is the way to go. Moreover, it provides you with a cushty environment for you and your family. Here is a review of top 12 Kitchen Island Lights to light up your kitchen

Island chandeliers

Island chandeliers can be a linear lighting fixture that could span the whole length of your bar or island. These are extremely popular because these people have a lot depth and character. Island lighting can be found in several light variations from two light versions to four light versions. Homeowners and designers love these because they contain the look and appeal of a chandelier though the light is disseminate over the length of your island.

Mini pendant lighting

Another easy way to glow your bar or island has been mini pendant lighting. These are becoming a very popular choose because they are so economical. There is also a large number to decide on from. Many lighting companies offer mini pendant lighting in many different options like chain hung, rod hung, or cord hung. Many manufactures have added a multitude of glass options. Colored glass has turned into a very well liked option that could add a different look to your kitchen.

General overhead

Overhead Island light will have the ability to wear up the whole room. To acheive the comfortable glow, you need to buy overhead light with soft bulb. In case you have a sizable kitchen, it is possible to install some overhead lights. Have them installed on some different switches to be able to control the amount of illumination you need. A recessed and free hanging light would be the right solution for that kitchen with low ceiling.

Counter lights

Instead of overhead light, you can also install counter lights. You’ll be able to set it up along your counter so that you can may have intense illumination at any given time most. For example, it is possible to install recessed lights in the bottom from the cabinets as well as a string of lights which may run along the molding from the countertop. Throughout the night, you’ll be able to allow the counter lights on for soft other effect.

Stove lights

Stove lights can be installed entirely on the stove to illuminate the cooking food. It is centering on your light so you will leave other room dark. It’s the right solution for saving energy for you personally who don’t really need to have a lot of lights on in the same time. However, if you want variety, you can think about hanging lights.


Dimmer switches permit you to subtly affect the illumination with no need of flipping a variety of switches. With an enchanting dinner, you can simply dim the illumination and light-weight up some candles. Dimmers might be installed easily on the existing switches. If you’re unsure of performing it yourself, you can require a professional.

Task Lighting

One of the most important areas of a good kitchen design is to involve task lighting for particular areas of the kitchen. From stove tops to countertops, there are several spaces where a direct source is essential to the place to be best. Without having a good supply of task lighting in the stove, counter, sink and appliances, everyday jobs like washing dishes, chopping vegetables or cooking hamburgers can be hard at best.

Pendant Lighting

Probably the most useful options for task lighting for that kitchen, a pendant light is extremely good on the ceiling height and over any counter or dining space. Pendant lights work best over kitchen islands and built-in dining areas. Pendant shades are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes so you’ll make sure you obtain the perfect pendant shade for your kitchen design.

Can Lighting

An excellent way to obtain task lights is the recessed can. These flush ceiling lights are off the beaten track and an easy task to control with the help of a dimmer switch. Spotlights aim straight down on top of the work surface for your epitome of bright and well lit work areas. Turn them down low and have a great soft glow for nighttime luminescence.

Ambient Lighting

The ambient source of light makes all the entire room feel as if it’s being lit out of direction. The most effective source is sunlight. While it is not always possible to experience a skylight, door or window opening for the sunshine, other ambient sources like fluorescent and LED’s offer a gentle surrounding glow to the kitchen design.

Under Cabinet Lights

For a soft under cabinet light that’s not easy to beat, LED under cabinet island lighting is an easily affordable approach to obtain a great ambient source under cabinets, and a great task light for less than cabinet work spaces, essentially giving you two for the price of one.

Alcove Lights

By building a tray ceiling, crown molding or decrease cove, you could have the best ambient kitchen lighting design. Whether you use LED’s or basic bulbs, alcove results in a bright space up good for ceiling architecture, assisting to accent your ceiling while creating an ambient glow during your kitchen.

Finally every one of these island lighting are available in variations from traditional to contemporary. They could set a design scheme with your kitchen which will totally change the look of the bedroom. In case you opting for a seek out your house you should go with a traditional pendant or island light. If you are searching to get a more modern look you must pick a transitional or contemporary pendant or island chandelier. When choosing a light to your kitchen take your time and discover a lightweight which will fit the space that your particular are trying to light. Ensure have a light that’s to around powering. But simultaneously you do not need the light that is certainly undersized. One key design factor with lighting is that you wish it to be noticed but you wouldn’t want it to be the entire focal point of the kitchen.

Modern Lighting For The Home

Pendant lighting is essentially long metallic, piped lighting fixtures, which might be commonly utilised as ceiling lights. They have bulbs after the long, metal pipe or rod and so are usually aimed downwards. Sometimes, these lights have long chains instead of metal rods.

Modern Pendant lights fittings are usually found in rooms who have raised ceilings to be sure the brightness reaches all of the aspects of the area evenly. Most of these lighting is also used to provide lumination over platforms, kitchen tables, study tables, as well as bath areas in bathrooms. They’re able to have conical covering comprised of glass, metal or fiber. Lamp shades made from fabric along with paper can even be chosen. They may also supply as light focus fittings if the shade is made up of small circumference, but, larger shades can readily provide light for wider areas. Here’s a list of disfferent Modern pendant lights


Chandeliers most often have at the least three bulb holders, and the number of bulb holders can be as almost as much ast 20 or 30 also. Some ceiling lights have even shades manufactured from fabric and papers to attenuate bright and powerful luminescence. Usually, most centerpiece ceiling lighting have some form of covering for your lights made from glasses or crystals or fiber molds. The common ceiling lighting have metal light fixtures that may hold any kind of light bulb while modern versions include fiber mould fixtures which can be exclusively designed for power saving light bulbs.

Chandeliers are centerpiece decorative lighting fixtures that are usually branched and have three to in excess of thirty light slots with metal and glass, crystal or ceramic ornamentation. These ceiling lights happen to be being used since medieval times. The lighting in chandeliers is caused by refraction associated with with these ornamentations. Large halls in hotels, public buildings, and galleries are frequently decorated with extravagant chandeliers. A lot of the palaces have chandeliers that are lit with candle.

Metal Pendant Lights

One more type of ceiling lights is the metal pendant light that has long metal pipes or rods to keep light fixtures from your ceiling. They are used in places having a high ceiling to make sure the light can readily reach down the page. Usually, you can use them to provide illumination above dining tables or more kitchen slabs or utilized as entrance lights. Pendant lights may also have lamp shades made from fabric, paper or perhaps stained glass.

LED Downlights

LED downlights are inbuilt lighting system exclusively suited for ceilings of the room. The downlights is usually a single big centerpiece bulb or can also be multiple mini downlights fixed within a particular order as border lights or as assorted distributed lights on the ceiling this ensures evenly spread lighting and so it probably the most desired lighting design utilized on the ceilings of business buildings.

Top View Lamps

Top view lamps came into common use after the development of contemporary lighting. Top view lamps are a kind of ceiling lights where modern lamps have LED tubes which might be twisted and arched to suit the contour from the lighting design. The top view light fixtures can be produced of colored stained glass to gel together with the wall color and also to give you a trendy and vibrant look.


Spotlights are also utilized as ceiling lights. Most of the corridor ceilings, bathroom ceilings, kitchen ceilings and dining room ceilings have spotlights to spotlight a particular spot or area with focused lighting. In rooms spotlights are utilized to highlight are work and exclusive decorative pieces.

The paper lighting is commonly seen in gardens and entrances of houses since colorful papers offer a vibrant and energetic look and feel for many years.

Ceramic Pendant Lights

Metal and ceramic lighting is popular as they are cheap and durable and may be easily cleaned and maintained. However, metal lighting is not used outdoors and bathrooms to avoid corrosion. Modern lights use corrosion free materials like fiber molds that are durable. Alternatively, various fabrics may also be used to make the shades of these lights. Fabric lights have hardback where the information is glued to present them an authentic and ethnic look.

Places suited to pendant lights

Pendant lights employed in rooms are usually hung across the low seating areas so the light can attain the lower levels of the room. These lights are invariably used above the dining tables to give a spotlight effect on the dining area. In the event the table is bigger, 2 or 3 lights can easily be hung above the table take a distributed lighting effect.

Kitchen lighting is usually placed higher than the kitchen and over the cutting table to improve illumination during cooking food at nights. They are mainly placed across the breakfast tables also.

Bathroom light fittings have these hung across the bath area because the tub is defined at a lower level comparatively. They can also be used in bathrooms as centerpieces.

Final Word on Modern Pendant Lights

You will discover several types of pendant light fittings as reported by the sort of shade used and also where they’re placed for illumination. Modern Pendant lights fittings can be created of glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, paper or maybe even fabric. The opposite kinds available all over the united kingdom are generally lounge, kitchen, dining-room, and bathroom pendant light fittings, just to name a few.

The ones crafted from glass may be plain glass or colorful stained glass that may be in the shape of a cone or perhaps a dome. The stained glass ones are widely-used to match the setting and color theme from the room, whereas lights found in balconies and gardens most often have glass domes for total protection against harsh weather.

Ceiling lighting is lights that may be fitted around the ceiling with the room in order to facilitate distributed lighting for the whole room. Distinct types of ceiling lights in accordance with the lighting style are chandeliers, pendant lights, LED downlights, top view lamps, spotlights, etc. Chandeliers are ornamental lights helpful for beautifying the ceilings and thus need exclusive lighting design to check how big is your room and to give lots of illumination.